Welcome to New Vegas, Baby Fallout 3’s achievement of 2008’s  ‘‘Game of the Year ’’ was undoubtedly a double edged sword for Obsidian. As the developers of the next, entry in the long running post-apocalypse series Fallout, Obsidian was guaranteed a hit with whatever they released next including the word ‘‘Fallout’’ in its title. To keep picky fans happy however, their efforts would have to be doubled.  What […]

Fallout New Vegas

Welcome to Pandora, kiddo’s! “Our story just started with us getting off a bus. This is all explody and stuff…” With one line of gloriously self-aware dialogue, Gearbox Software has perfectly summed up my feelings upon returning to Pandora with Roland, Lilith, Mordecai and Brick – the original line up of badass Vault Hunters for Borderlands.


Grand Theft Awesome! Let me take you back to March 2002. It was about 6 months since the ground-breaking-for-the-time Grand Theft Auto 3 had been released for the Playstation 2. Unveiled with only a fraction of the fanfare that Rockstar Games are given today, all at once gamers across the UK had access to a 3D open world of comic […]

Grand Theft Auto 5