Welcome to New Vegas, Baby Fallout 3’s achievement of 2008’s  ‘‘Game of the Year ’’ was undoubtedly a double edged sword for Obsidian. As the developers of the next, entry in the long running post-apocalypse series Fallout, Obsidian was guaranteed a hit with whatever they released next including the word ‘‘Fallout’’ in its title. To keep picky fans happy however, their efforts would have to be doubled.  What […]

Fallout New Vegas

When me and OneDayRetro cofounder Doug came up with our retro-review site, our goal was to take a second look at pop-culture. We’d try to determine how much marketing affects the way we rate things like movies and video games. Once the hype had died down, what were we actually left with? For the most part, we’re either left with […]

The Simpsons Movie


Oh Man, Old Man Logan With the exception of the recent Marvel Netflix series’, which have seen the franchise heading down a darker and grittier path than we’ve seen before, the mainstream view of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that it is light-hearted, humorous and happy-go-lucky. That Tony Stark guy: drunkenly selling weapons and levelling cities – what a laugh! […]

Old Man Logan


The Birth of the Batman The rumours are true. I pretty much have every Batman comic that is considered current canon, so you could consider me a fan. For OneDayRetro, I’ve decided to run through each of and retro review everything one-by-one. What better place to start than with the one graphic novel that you are pretty much guaranteed see in the Top […]

Batman: Year One

Scream for Me… It’s a history lesson in how to do classical genres justice in the modern day. Vocalist Andrew Stockdale takes a breath and screams. From that moment on we’re plunged directly into the first of 13 blisteringly raw rock anthems. In case you haven’t already guessed, we’re relistening to Wolfmother in 2016 – a shockingly quick 10 years […]

Wolfmother: Wolfmother


Lovers of Madmen It’s practically comic book legend that nobody really knows where Batman’s arch nemesis, the Joker, comes from. Even the origin story that many consider to be definitive, Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke, has its own get-out clause. An entire story about how the Clown Prince of Crime came to be, and then the Joker himself remarks “Sometimes […]

Batman: Lovers and Madmen

Turnin’ Blue with The Black Keys The obvious thing to do when starting a review of Turn Blue by The Black Keys is to make a comparison to The White Stripes. While it is true that Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney formed almost four years after Jack White claimed his throne as the modern leader of the pop-blues movement, I’ve […]

Turn Blue: The Black Keys


Guardians of the Galaxy Far, Far Away… To the uninitiated, entering a fully realised comic book universe can be daunting – perhaps even off-putting. The mark of a great comic book movie therefore, and what Marvel do so well, is to provide new audiences with everything they need to understand and enjoy the world they find themselves in. What makes […]

Guardians of the Galaxy

Welcome to Pandora, kiddo’s! “Our story just started with us getting off a bus. This is all explody and stuff…” With one line of gloriously self-aware dialogue, Gearbox Software has perfectly summed up my feelings upon returning to Pandora with Roland, Lilith, Mordecai and Brick – the original line up of badass Vault Hunters for Borderlands.