Logan is Back with First Trailer Hugh Jackman is done with X-men. As early as last year, we knew that the as-yet-untitled Wolverine 3 would be his last stint as everybody’s favourite mutant. The internet, as it often does, went into overdrive with rumours that Jackman would start in an adaptation of the classic Marvel comic, Old Man Logan. Turns out the […]

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Teaser Trailer Released If you’ve read our retro review on the original Guardians of the Galaxy movie, you’ll know that we loved every minute of it… eventually. So you’ll not be surprised to hear that the OneDayRetro team was very, very excited last night when Marvel dropped its first teaser trailer for Guardians of the […]

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Mysterious images and profile changes posted on Rockstar social media account might be the first teasers for the highly-anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2, and unsurprisingly the gaming community is going wild with speculation. Magnificent 7? Rockstar Games, no strangers to a gaming conspiracy, tweeted the image with no caption – leading many fans believe it signifies the production starting on the […]

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Return of the Man of Steel With DC’s Cinematic Universe continuing to take a critical pounding, but making enough money to break box office records, it should clear that we won’t be getting a rebooted DC universe any time soon. According to The Wrap, DC have put the inevitable sequel of Zack Snyder & Henry Cavil’s Man of Steel into “active […]

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Why so serious? In the run up to the release of Suicide Squad there was a lot written about the extreme, and often bizarre, lengths actor Jared Leto went to in an attempt to “get into the head of” the Clown Prince of Crime. With rumours of unwanted gifts and strange on-set behaviour, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Jared Leto’s reinterpretation of […]

News: Jared Leto Scenes Cut?

The Game We Deserve or the One We Don’t Need? Telltale games are great. Batman is great. Can the two mix in this brand new game? Does it match up to the stellar Arkham series of Batman games? Find out in our video review. Keep your eyes peeled for our review of Part Two and beyond as they are released.

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Can the Ultimate Edition Cut save Batman v Superman? If you’re like me then you grew up seeing teasers of Batman v Superman becoming a movie. You looked out the window every night and wished upon a star. You worked on a time machine. You tried to cryogenically freeze yourself so that when it was released you could see it. If […]

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Pokemon Go Servers Down over 1st UK Weekend Like many budding Pokemon Go trainers over the past few days, here at OneDayRetro we have been increasingly frustrated with the seemingly random issues with the Pokemon Go servers. During it’s crucial first weekend after launching in the UK, thousands of fans vented their frustration at Niantic Lab’s apparent inability to keep the servers stable. Many […]

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NES: Nintendo Classic Mini Retro games fans rejoice! Hot on the heels of their biggest release in years, Pokemon Go, Nintendo unveiled it’s latest (and perhaps greatest) console to date… the Nintendo Entertainment System. Yes, that NES. The classic gaming system from the 80’s has had a makeover, shrinking it down to fit in the palm of your hand, meaning that it’s small enough […]

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