News: Man of Steel 2 Announced?

Return of the Man of Steel

With DC’s Cinematic Universe continuing to take a critical pounding, but making enough money to break box office records, it should clear that we won’t be getting a rebooted DC universe any time soon.

According to The Wrap, DC have put the inevitable sequel of Zack Snyder & Henry Cavil’s Man of Steel into “active development”. The same source is quoted as saying getting Superman’s character right for the audience is a “top priority” for the studio.

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Can Man of Steel 2 Save the DCCU?

However, it doesn’t seem that a second Superman solo movie is enough of a priority at DC for it to be released ahead of the DC Cinematic Universe titles already announced. With Wonder Woman, Justice League, Aquaman and Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie all scheduled within the next 18 months, it seems unlikely we’ll see Man of Steel 2 until the end of 2018.

Of course, that means Superman wasn’t really killed at the end of Batman v Superman… Spoilers, obviously.

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