News: First Logan Trailer Drops

Logan is Back with First Trailer

Hugh Jackman is done with X-men. As early as last year, we knew that the as-yet-untitled Wolverine 3 would be his last stint as everybody’s favourite mutant. The internet, as it often does, went into overdrive with rumours that Jackman would start in an adaptation of the classic Marvel comic, Old Man Logan.

Turns out the Internet was right, because today we got our first teaser trailer for Logan, and HOLY. SHIT.

Update 20/11/2016: There’s now a Red Band trailer for Logan, check it out below…

Impossible Old Man Logan

Given the tense state of Marvel’s cinematic character rights, we could never realistically expect to see a direct retelling of the Old Man Logan story. It involves too many characters such as Hulk, Hawkeye and Red Skull, that 20th Century Fox just don’t have the rights to use.


However, it looks like they’ve given Logan the treatment it deserves to be loyal to the source material: Post-Apoacalyptic setting? Check. Logan in hiding? Check. Road-Trip across the wasteland to chased by thugs? Check!

Wolverine Wasteland Wanderer

But Logan contains so much more that we might have expected – Professor X appears to play a prominent roll, as well as a mysterious young girl who needs Logan’s help. Whilst it’s heavily implied that she is one of the last remaining mutants in the world, all we really learn is that some people really want her captured. Who’s is she and why is she so important? Only time will tell.

Are you excited to see Wolverine’s last outing in Logan, or we’re you hoping for something else? Let us know in the comments below!

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